• Founding Principles

Founding Principles


We believe that the founding principles adopted at the inception of Precision Strip are as important today as they were in 1977. They summarize the key philosophies which are the cornerstone of an obviously successful company. These principles are:

  1. We will always be careful never to hire more people than necessary. We never want to have to lay off any person hired.
  2. We will work very hard to eliminate any feeling of "them" versus "us". We are all equal associates dedicated to a common goal.
  3. Our customers are our most important assets, and we will always try our best to satisfy their needs and requests.
  4. We will continue to spend profits on constantly upgrading our equipment, processes, and techniques so that we have absolutely the finest reputation possible.
  5. We believe in the true principle of Profit Sharing with associates, when possible, and when their dedication to meeting Precision Strip’s goal is obvious.
  6. We believe in constant, positive communication with every associate, in "both" directions at all times.
  7. We believe in always promoting "from within" wherever possible, giving every qualified associate the opportunity to upgrade himself or herself.
  8. We expect to show good work habits throughout the entire organization.
  9. We believe in being "Good Neighbors" to the other people in our communities, respecting at all times their privacy and property.
  10. We believe that every associate has the responsibility to protect the security of all other associates and their families by maintaining the confidentiality of customers, products, equipment, and processing techniques.

Jack Eiting, Founder

Joe Wolf, President