• Safety

Safety - It's Not a Priority - It's a Value

Our strong commitment to safety has resulted in one of the lowest Incident Rates in the industry. In 2013, our OSHA Incident Rate stands at 1.5.

We are relentless in both eliminating hazards in the workplace, as well as ensuring that there are established procedures for every part of our process. Our safety program is more than just attending meetings and conducting audits, it’s a culture where associates “want” to perform in a safe manner and value a safe workplace. Our safety policy sums it up well:

“Precision Strip believes that all accidents are preventable. We are committed to continuous improvement in safety by eliminating the causes of workplace accidents. Working safely is a condition of employment and no job is so important or unimportant that it cannot be done safely. Each associate is responsible for safety. We expect all associates to place safety above expediency or short cuts, while working toward our goal of zero accidents.”

Precision Strip recognizes associates’ outstanding safety performance with “The Sharpest Knife Safety Award.” It is presented annually to the operations with the lowest Incident Rate. In addition, each associate at the winning operations receives a Case pocket knife. Plant locations recognized for achieving the 2012 Sharpest Knife Award with a zero incident rate include Rockport, Indiana, Minster, Ohio, Perrysburg, Ohio, and Bowling Green, Kentucky.