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Our Services

At Precision Strip, we believe that our success depends upon your success. We are committed to providing you with consistent unsurpassed quality and service for each and every order. We provide seamless service throughout every phase of our operation.

Each of our slitting lines is unique and designed to meet your specific processing requirements.

Multi-Blank Cut to Length
Our multi-blanking lines include six-high levelers and in-line slitting capabilities.

Oscillate Slitting
In oscillate slitting, narrow master coils are welded end to end, slit, and then wound in an oscillate manner.

Scroll Slitting
Improve your productivity, maximize your raw material yield and reduce the amount of your scrap.

Coil to Coil Perforating
Our coil-to-coil perforating line is capable of processing both steel and aluminum strip. In this process, holes are punched in the strip.

Speciality Blanking
We have the capability to produce first stage critical exposed and unexposed shaped blanks including: trapezoids, standard & modified chevrons and standard & modified sweeps.

Automated Leveling
Our levelers have the capability to correct material shape defects such as coil set, cross bow, edge wave and center buckle by cold working the metal beyond its yield point over a series of work rolls.

Edge Conditioning
Edge conditioning is appropriate for end products that require an absolute burr-free, or rounded, edge. 

Material Inspection
Our trained inspectors provide specialized inspection of all grades of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Warehousing & Storage
We have 2.5 million square feet of climate controlled storage area to store material.


Transportation Services
Our truck fleet provides JIT services to your facility. We can arrange for shipment of your raw or finished products on either a Precision Strip Transport truck or by common carrier, to or from virtually anywhere in the U.S., at a cost competitive price. Rail service is also available.

Specialized Packaging
Our unique packaging and material handling techniques ensure a damage free package.

Laboratory Services
At Precision Strip we operate our own ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited laboratory for our customers so the quality integrity of your metal can be controlled. 

Information Services
Your inventory is electronically tracked from the moment it is received, through processing to shipment.

Engineering Solutions
Our engineering staff will work with you to improve your processes.

Defect Stenciling
During the inspection process, Precision Strip has the ability to stencil, or mark those areas of a coil that are defective. Material is marked with a black ink stencil placed in the center of the strip close to where the defect is located. Some examples of defects include lamination, floppers, gouges and holes. The stencil lists the owner from which the coil came as well as the coil identification. When the end user is processing the coil, a camera is used that detects the stencil, which triggers the operator to reject the defective area.

Precision Strip's associates have been carefully selected and extensively trained to meet the high standards set by Precision Strip. Their commitment to customer service and quality provides you with a total package that is considered world-class.