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Oscillate Slitting

Precision Strip's oscillate wound, slit coils increase productivity and at the same time reduce scrap and downtime. Precision Strip has the capability to slit and oscillate wind both steel and aluminum.

Oscillate slit coils are a solution for manufacturers who strive for productivity gains and improved yields. In oscillate slitting, narrow master coils are welded end to end, then are fully planished and annealed. Coils are slit according to specifications and wound in an oscillate manner. This produces a slit strip that is up to 20 times the length of a ribbon wound coil, with bundles up to 250,000 feet in length for light gauge material. The length of the strip is limited only by the gauge of the material and OD of the oscillate slit bundle. The longer, continuous strip results in productivity improvements of up to 20% by reducing the time required for thread up, welding, and line acceleration and deceleration. Head and tail scrap is reduced during processing, resulting in maximum yield from the strip and minimal scrap handling.

During the oscillate slitting process no side scrap is produced, and all strips are guaranteed to be within + or - .003" in width tolerance. Oscillate slit bundles can be packaged in customized returnable steel racks or on pallets according to your specifications.

For more information, contact Rick Beckman at 937-441-4420 or rick_beckman@precision-strip.com.

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  • Entry Weight Max.: 15,000#
  • Exit Weight Max.: 7,500#
  • Entry ID: 16", 20"
  • Exit ID: 16"
  • Max. Coil OD In: 84"
  • Max. Coil OD Out: 50"
  • Max. Width Bundle Out: 18"
  • Gauge Range: .010" to .110"
  • Cut Capability: .25" to 3" wide
  • Carbon steel (bare and coated), stainless steel, copper and aluminum
  • (Inquire for other dimensional requirements)