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Scroll Slitting

Scroll slitting is a solution that maximizes the use of raw material and reduces overall material cost for:

  • round parts
  • oval parts
  • rail type configurations
  • general slitting where the scroll pattern does not negatively impact the final part

With this approach, the strip is cut in an hourglass pattern, resulting in maximum utilization of the strip.

When material is scroll slit, a narrower master coil will produce the same number of blanks as a wider coil will produce when straight slit. As a result, raw material cost can be reduced by up to 13%.

When an application requires round or oval parts or rail configuration, choose scroll slitting to improve your productivity, maximize your raw material yield, reduce the amount of your scrap, and reduce your scrap handling efforts.

For more information, contact Don Tomasek at 937-441-0641 or don_tomasek@precision-strip.com.

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  • Entry Weight Max.:  50,000#
  • Entry ID:  16", 20", 24"
  • Exit ID:  16", 20", 24"
  • Max. Coil OD In:  95"
  • Gauge Range:  .012" to .118"
  • Max. Width:  72"
  • Blank Diameters:  5.00" to 19.75"
  • Carbon steel (bare and coated), stainless steel, copper and aluminum