• Scroll/Wave Blanking

Scroll/Wave Blanking: 2-Sided or 4-Sided

A 2-sided Scroll/Wave blank is fairly standard in today’s industry. Precision Strip’s Scroll slitting expertise has allowed us to take Scroll/Wave blanking to a 4-sided shape. We can produce the conventional cut-to-length Scroll/Wave pattern using a custom built die and a press. Unique to the industry, we can Scroll/Wave slit and multi-blank/slear up to six 4-sided blanks in a single cut-off stroke. The overall savings of this process can exceed 15%! The savings in lineal feet, along with the reduction of width, goes right to your bottom line instead of your scrap hopper!

If you have a blank that could be a candidate for 2-sided or 4-sided Scroll/Wave processing, contact Don Tomasek at 937-441-0641 or don_tomasek@precision-strip.com for a free engineering review.