• Packaging

Specialized Packaging

Our unique packaging and material handling techniques ensure a damage free package.


Stretchroping provides a bandless package of skidded material. Plastic that is 18” wide is wrapped continuously around material and can be used on coils ranging in size from 36” OD up to 94” OD. Stretchroping is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. It offers superior protection from weather conditions and equally important, eliminates the safety risks that go with handling banding. Currently, approximately 40% of skidded material is stretchroped at Precision Strip.


Rack and Grab

Precision Strip has developed its Rack & Grab System to improve coil handling efficiency and reduce coil damage for its customers. The Rack & Grab System consists of:

  • Metal racks that receive, store and transport slit coils
  • A tilt plate fixture
  • A coil grab device to lift heavy coils securely and quickly from the racks

Coil grabs are custom designed for each application and can be purchased from Precision Strip. Storage racks are supplied in various sizes to suit our customers’ coil requirements. A matching tilt plate fixture is provided to fit storage racks. When Precision Strip delivers material to our customers, empty racks are returned at no charge.

Export Packaging

Precision Strip can package your export shipments according to your exact specifications, including loading, blocking and bracing containers.


Our CoilMaster packaging system produces one of the most effective, moisture-proof packages in the industry. This packaging is especially beneficial for exported material, rail and barge shipments.