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Transportation Services

Precision Strip Transport’s fleet of 200 trucks provides just-in-time (JIT) delivery service to your facility. Our drivers are trained professionals who perform a final inspection of each order to ensure your satisfaction. Our company owned trucks are equipped with gps (global positioning system) units so that a truck can quickly be re-routed when an urgent need arises. Because we have complete control of our company-owned fleet, we are able to ensure timely delivery of your material, the way you want it, when you need it. Shipment of material by approved common carrier can also be arranged by our Traffic Coordinator.

In addition, Precision Strip Transport provides Third Party Logistic (3PL) services to handle all your transportation needs. By outsourcing your logistic function to Precision Strip Transportation Services, you preserve valuable time that can be used to operate your business. We can arrange for shipment of your raw or finished products on either a Precision Strip Transport truck or by common carrier, to or from virtually anywhere in the U.S., at a cost competitive price.

All of our US Locations have rail service for shipment of incoming or outgoing material.

For more information, contact Deron Goodwin at 419-501-1347 or deron_goodwin@precision-strip.com.

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