Over 400 Associates Gain Personal Development From Dale Carnegie Training

Within the last several years, more than 400 Precision Strip associates have graduated from Dale Carnegie training. At a past graduation ceremony, the global talent development firm honored Precision Strip with its “Leadership Award” which recognizes the Company for its commitment to develop associates. “Precision Strip is dedicated to the idea that the associates are as important to the overall success of the company as any technology, patent or business strategy,” said Bob Allen, Managing Partner of Dale Carnegie Training of Central Ohio.

Dale Carnegie provides associates the skills to effectively communicate, the confidence to speak up, and the people skills needed to work as a team, develop solutions, and problem solve. Quality of life is important to Precision Strip associates, and the skills learned from Dale Carnegie training carry over into their personal lives. Many associates will testify to an improved home life because of their participation in the program. These things all contribute to a productive, progressive, and positive work environment.